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Reddit – Location Sound Forum

Sound Forum

Tone Benders Podcast

This website aims to mesh meaning, context, and emotional impact with the other facets of field recording: theoretical knowledge, technical skill, thoughtful performance, and an exchange of ideas through audio.

Creative Field Recording

Hurlbut Sound Forum

Reddit – Audio Post Forum

Pulling from 25 years of experience working on Hollywood’s biggest productions, Shane Hurlbut, A.S.C. reveals industry secrets, opens his playbook, and exponentially accelerates your craft and career.

The reddit for location sound AKA Production Sound. We are the sound department responsible for handling the audio when shooting a film.

Tonebenders is a collective of sound design professionals sharing their thoughts, ideas, and stories.

The sound and sound recording forum on Cinematography.com

Links to communities via websites, groups & blogs, for discussion on Sound. 


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This is the subreddit for post-production sound geeks in Games, TV, Film, and Broadcast.

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