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This free software makes Screenplay writing and formatting about 95% smoother. An absolute must.

Lauren Morelli (Orange is the New Black) describes how she got her very first job for writing a TV series.

Film courage’s YouTube account. Filmcourage does one-on-one interviews with successful filmmakers and writers.

Resources for writers. before I started writing my next screenplay, on a whim I asked my three-year-old son if he had any advice. He looked at me with his huge blue eyes and without hesitation said, “Go into the story, and find the animals.”

Screenwriting Masterclass

Lots of advice articles for screenwriters, Raindance has an amazing collection of articles by different authors on their site, all geared towards screenwriters.



This article explains elements of storytelling that can improve your screenplays without essentially changing your ideas or forcing a structure on you. It also introduces some important storytelling terms.

Six Elements to a Sell-Worthy Script is an article that explains six elements that must be properly executed to make a script professional – character, theme, tone & time, castability, memorability and genre.

A website dedicated to screenwriting, what diffent terms mean, how to structure and format a screenplay, and what kind of literary tools to use in order to make a screenplay flow better.

Online script writing classes and workshops. A professional and creative approach to writing screenplays.

Reddit Screenwriting

Screenwriters reddit.


Death & Taxes

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Film Courage

Go Into the Story

LA Video Filmmaker


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