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Berkeley Film

Making your first serious short film? This article concentrates on six essentials: a good script, a cast, a crew, locations, equipment and budgeting. It uses real-life examples to make these concepts graspable.

Agent 88 Web-Funding Story

How a Webseries Pilot raised $100,000 through Crowdfunding. A great article that describes the process the webseries pilot “Agent 88″ went through to get its funding, and got made.

Black & Blue

The Anatomy of a Film Crew is useful for anyone, especially producers. Producers need to know what kind of crew members they need to get for which kinds of productions.

CeltX for Script Breakdowns. Once there is a screenplay, it needs to be broken down into various elements, like cast, props, vehicles, stunts, extras etc. CeltX lets you mark up the script and organise these elements.


Crowd Funding Bible

The Crowdfunding Bible is a 47-page free PDF guide for crowdfunding projects through platforms like Kickstarter, IndieGogo etc.

Filmmaking Stuff – Producing

At Filmmaking Stuff, we are dedicated to providing filmmaking articles related to production, production equipment (cameras, lighting, audio), film scheduling, budgeting, casting and directing.

Good in a Room

Pitch Structure & 5 Stages of being “Good in a Room”. Stephanie Palmer, former MGM Studio Executive, shares valuable insight on how a pitch should be structured, how to interact with the executives you are pitching to, and how to prepare yourself for one of these rare chances.

Mac Pro Video

In this exclusive Film Craft course you learn the producer’s leadership role from initial idea to final release. Master the craft of being a producer from award-winning filmmaker and renowned educator Michael Wohl!

Six Bullets – Make a $20,000 Indie Film

A good article from an experienced filmmaker, telling you what to be cautious about and what to concentrate on when you have a small budget for a large production.

No Film School

Lots of articles on producing, marketing, scheduling and more.

Producing forum on

Raindance – Producing

Advice-Giving Articles for Producers. Topics cover as thinks like: Distributor Relations, Financing Routes, Breaking in as a Producer, Social Media Capitalism, Dealing with Rejection, Press Releases, Making a Living etc.

Shooting People

A great site for Producers with information on how to find work, people and resources.

Six Bullets – How to Budget

How to budget for a real independent film. An instructional page about all steps of budgeting. The budget is very simple but shows that all steps of the production should be organised and accounted for.

Scheduling for Dummies

Some good insight in the steps of breaking down a script and scheduling a shoot.

The Production Assistant’s Pocket Handbook

An extensive manual for how to become a PA on big productions, plus getting the experience you might want if you head for producing big stuff.

Vulture – Diary of a Sundance Producer

Galt Niederhoffer gives a sober, realistic picture of what it is like to produce 3 films that get into Sundance at the same time, attend the festival, try to sell the film, and interact with all the people present.

Without a Box

The largest Collection and System of Film Festivals. This website lets you enter your film into hundreds of film festivals around the world.


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