Links to online learning resources for Directing.

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12 tips for Directing Your First Feature Film

A great article on Indiewire with some great advice when attacking your first (second or third) short film.

10 tips on Directing Your First Short Film

An article on What Culture with some great advice when attacking your first (second or third) short film.

Digital Media Net

The art of making a film, without going to film school, with Larry Jordan and Norman Hollyn.

Realising a Modern Car Chase. A detailed article on the making of car chase sequences in The Fast and the Furious 6. Specifically, how to use pre-vis and real stunts to achieve a high level of adrenaline.

Directing Forum

Film Connection

Directing forum on

Hollywood Camerawork

Tony Zhou’s amazing vimeo channel – Every Frame a Painting is dedicated to the analysis of film form.

LA Video Maker – Kubrick’s Techniques

The basics of directing a short film.

Everything a Director needs to know about camera work is brilliantly presented. It’s film school in a box.

A great website with tons of articles and information on filmmaking.

No Film School

Some of Stanley Kubrick’s filming techniques. This article lists a few of Kubrick’s filming elements that made him unique, like long scenes, coldness in characters or long tracking shots.

Directing and Organisation. Tips on how to be a good and organised director. Organisation and preparation is often the director’s only resort from the inadvertent chaos.

The Director’s Chair

A short article on Steven Spielberg’s filming techniques. Some more stylish advice from Spielberg, like approaching-to-closeup, match cuts or framing through foreground objects.

Movie Sins in 5 Minutes: – a series of movie mistakes, plot holes and other logical issues in a guaranteed timeframe. A great way to learn from other’s mistakes.

An article on the different paths you can take as a director, whether that’s directing documentaries, commercials, reality TV, feature films or web series.

Veteran actor Michael Kaine explains what a director should do with an actor, showing how to direct actors and block out a scene.

LA Video Maker – Spielberg’s Techniques

Michael Cain Talk

Every Frame a Painting

Movie Sins

2 Reel Guys

Car & Driver

This free software makes Screenplay writing and formatting about 95% smoother. An absolute must.



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