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The art of making a film, without going to film school, with Larry Jordan and Norman Hollyn. Good tutorials on Cinematography and lighting among other craft.

2 Reel Guys

A Tale of 2 Meters

Light meters in real life - Mark Vargo’s instructional video about Light Meters.

Ablecine Blog

Art Adams Collection

Reviews of current technology as well as what’s coming soon. 

An article on DVX User explaining the difficulties of DSLR footage processing. 

30 articles by Art Adams. A great collection of resources and real life examples on ProVideo Coalition. 

Aliasing & Moire

Bastards Book of Photography

Basic Lighting

Lighting techniques for interviews. 

An open-source guide to working with light.


So you want to be a Cinematographer? This article discusses what to expect from becoming a DP.

Every Frame a Painting – Tony Zhou

Every Frame a Painting is a vimeo channel dedicated to the analysis of film form.

Creative Cow – Arri Camera Tutorials

Tutorials on Arri cameras and discussions on the films shot on Arri.

Creative Cow – DSLR Collection

A YouTube playlist with 30 videos by Creative Cow. Great for beginners. 

Day Rate of a Cinematographer

How much should you charge as a DOP? An experienced Cinematographer shares his technique of calculating his value, and how you can come up with a fair rate for yourself. 

Legendary Cinematographer Darius Khondji has some great advice for Cinematographers on a budget.

Global Cinematography Institute

The Global Cinematography Institute is devoted to education of Cinematographers and their extension into the digital and virtual realms.

Green Screen Basics

Green Screen Chroma Key Tutorial with Eve Hazelton. 

Hollywood Camerawork

Everything a Director needs to know about camera work is brilliantly presented. It’s film school in a box. 

Let There Be Light

Mark Vargo, ASC, explains the foundations of light types. Tungsten, Fluorescent, HMI, PARs, HMIs, Fresnel Lenses etc. 

From 350mm to 19mm, photographer Stephen Eastwood shows you how wider lenses distort, while longer lenses compress a human face. 

Lighting Techniques – Part 1

A great overview that includes lighting ratios and real-life applications. 

Eve Hazelton’s Lighting Techniques – Part 1. 

Lenses & the Face

Light Meter On Set

Hundreds of free lighting tutorials. Mostly written for stage lighting, but can easily be translated into cinematography terms.

Lighting Tutorials

Lowel Lighting Terms

Eve Hazelton’s Lighting Techniques – Part 2. 

A great resource for people on all skill levels. 

Reviews and articles on photography and lighting.

Magic Lantern User Group

The official Magic Lantern community of awesome hackers around the world that transform the world for advanced DSLR filmmakers. 

Luminous Landscape

Lighting Techniques – Part 2

Rembrandt Lighting

This tutorial about Rembrandt lighting introduces one of the old masters of lighting, and may inspire you to borrow books about painting from the local library. 

No Film School – DSLR Super Guide

Subscribe to No Film School and receive the DSLR Cinematography Guide.

Pro Video Coalition – Camera Blocking

A Cinematographer walks you through the creation and thoughts behind a complicated opening dolly move of a low-budget horror film.

Real Life Advice on Cinematography

Do you have what it takes to be a Cinematographer? A series of articles discussing the life of a DP. 

A tutorial teaching you how to light a larger space in correlation with the story content. 

Pulling Better Focus

Reverse Key Light Analysis

A stylized way of lighting faces. Evan Richards discusses this great lighting technique

Roger Deakins Tips

Scene Lighting

25 Tips from Roger Deakins on Cinematography.

How to pull better focus on rigs and dollies; a detailed series of articles targeted towards 1st ACs and one-man-band DPs. 

Shooting for the Edit

A Vimeo channel that features tutorials for shooting digital movies in connection with editing.

The Film Look

Why We Need Light

A series of articles analysing lighting in big feature films. 



Online Free Lighting Simulator by Zvork. Learn how to light, interactively! (if it won’t open in Safari try Firefox or Chrome)

A website with lots of resources, tips and tricks for Cinematography.

A BBC paper explaining what makes digital look like film. 

A lighting tutorial for entire scenes; useful if you want to learn to light larger spaces.

Darius Khondji

Lighting Larger Spaces

Lens Review

A resource for helping you decide which lens you want to buy and rent.

Ken Rockwell‘s Lens Reviews for DSLR

How each lens compares to others and how they work in the field. 

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