Links to communities via websites, groups & blogs, for discussion on Cinematography. 


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11 Second Club

The 11 Second Club is a monthly character animation competition open to everyone!


LoopdeLoop is an animation challenge. Each month, animators from around the world create looping animations based on a given topic and upload them to the site.

Student Filmmakers Forum

Forum for discussing visual effects and making special effects.

If you know of any other great animation websites, blogs, or groups, please email us and we will add them to the site.

Groups & Pages

The Animation World Network is a place for questions, commentary and debate on any and all aspects of animation.

Animation World Network

The unofficial Anime Studio forum

Animators Forum

Animation encourages all of its members to display their artwork, discuss techniques, critique each others work and more.


A community of artists, game developers, musicians, voice actors and writers who create and share some of the best stuff on the web!

Newgrounds Animators Forum

CGTalk, the CGSociety's official forum for digital artists.

CG Society

Animator Island

“Blank paper is an enemy to defeat!”

Animator Insider

Animation Insider’s goal is to focus on the blue collared worker of animation; the back bone of the industry. We want to focus on the people in the trenches who make the award winning stuff we love. 

Anime Studio Forum

A forum for animators who use Anime Studio on Lost

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